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Get warm leads, partners, and connections in one sitting

Skip the stress of unopened cold emails and unresponsive cold calls

Doing cold outreach to your prospects can be a nuisance:

  • You have to research each prospect.

  • You have to write your email or your call script for hours.

  • Your cold emails get no replies.

  • You get rejected from your cold calls.

At the end of the day, you throw your prospect list in your backlog and ignore your prospects.

Impact on your business?

Little to no growth.

You have untapped profit multipliers in your business

Imagine if you can warm up your prospects and get them to be 10x more open to collaborate with you.

Now, you can focus more on growing your business in 3 ways:

  1. Get more clients

  2. Get more distribution partners

  3. Get new income stream from strategic connections

Most people only focus on 1, so their growth is linear and slow.

You can grow exponentially by tapping into these 3 categories instead of just one.

Your potential geometric growth:

By increasing just 10% of each of these 3 categories, you gain 33.3% growth.


Monthly income: RM10,000

If you only focus on 1 category, +10%, you’ll get RM11,000. (linear)

When you tap into all 3, you’ll get RM13,330. (geometric)

Opportunity cost question to ponder: Are you going to leave these profit multipliers on the table or take them?

You can start to tap and grow these 3 categories by using the Bizmatch platform.

How business owners gain an exclusive advantage from Bizmatch during Covid

I uncovered collaboration opportunities with businesses from different industries in just 1 day


Get your business unstuck by sparking creativity with insightful entrepreneurs from different backgrounds


Leverage strategic connections to strengthen your market position


A more fun networking experience compared to BNI


You will feel less lonely knowing that we are helping each other out as entrepreneurs


Engaging networking session that allows you to be yourself and feel comfortable that every participant is on the same page, no judgements


Learn how other businesses pivot their strategy during crisis and apply in your own business


Meet new businesses in the comfort of your home, well-needed during MCO


Getting word-of-mouth and referral is powerful more than ever since the pandemic


It’s time to connect your business

Bizmatch online event structure


Number: 25 people per event

Industry: Over 10+ industries

Key features of Bizmatch event you won’t get elsewhere

  1. 3x guided breakout rooms so everyone can talk within the time allocated

  2. Meet different people in each breakout room

  3. Short sharing session from business expert 🔥

  4. Get a spreadsheet of contact details from all participants — save time keying in a pile of business cards into your CRM system

  5. Book calls with prospects directly during the event 🔥

  6. Option to bump up your company brand on the event screen 🔥

  7. Quick and engaging ice-breaking session

  8. Cheerful and professional MC moderating the event to keep everyone in a positive vibe

🔥 hot new feature

  • Your packages aren't quite right for me, can I get a customized package?"
    Absolutely. Simply let us know what you need and what your budget is, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a custom price.
  • How does the word limit work?
    Your package, your rules. Simply split your word limit up into as many pieces of content as you need, and we'll work through them one by one.
  • How does your pricing stack up with other services?
    Industry pricing varies enormously, there are services that will charge as low as RM50 for a piece of content, and others that will charge thousands. We price ourselves in the middle of the market as we not only believe that this is the cost of offering content that will actually help you grow your business, but also what it takes to pay writers fairly.
  • How is content delivered?
    All content will be submitted to your personal client portal. Each piece of work will be in a Google Doc.
  • Do you also source images?
    We can help finding stock free images, or if you need licensed images we can simply add this to your plan which will be priced depending on the volume you need.
  • What kind of work can I request?
    We can take care of almost any copy or content request you have. Whether it's advertising copy, email newsletter, long form blog posts, one-off landing pages, or something completely different, we've got you covered. Get in touch to let us know what you need and we'll get one of our expert writers on the case.
  • Is there a minimum contract term?
    Nope - you pay per month and can stop any time.
  • Who are your writers?
    Empati is powered by a killer team of over 10 writers and editors who are based mainly in Malaysia. Each writer goes through a rigorous onboarding process, after which time they work remotely to deliver projects that are best matched to their expertise. Our writers aren't just resources, they're the lifeblood of Empati and part of the team. Interested in writing for Empati? Join here
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