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Cure for anger

Everyone in their life had encountered individuals who are always angry all the time. Sometimes, we found ourselves as the angry person. Remember those times when we would go crazy when we couldn’t find our keys because we misplaced them. We would scream out profanities in our mind that come out as a hiss of whispering vulgarity when we found out our flight is delayed.

We become angry because we are being hopeful. We went crazy for the lost keys because we were hopeful that the keys will be where they were when we need to use them. We cursed the delayed flight because we were hopeful that we’ll board the flight on time. If being hopeful is driving us mad, then the cure for sanity is simply to be less hopeful. Be a bit pessimistic. Ironic. Pessimism lowers your expectations that everything has to be perfect. Pessimism allows you to embrace the fact that life sometimes just won’t go as planned. That life is not just sweet, but also comes with different flavour; sour, bitter, salty. When you truly accept the unpredictable nature of life, only then you’ll be able to put down the fiery anger with a stream of wisdom.

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