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How Anxiety Is Good for Business — 4 Factors To Craft A Head-Turning Marketing Message

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Use anxiety to connect with your audience by leveraging these 4 factors: Trigger, Mission, Catalyst, “New Me” Read till the end, and see how people’s anxiety in relation to these 4 factors will make sense for your marketing. Anxiety sucks… Since COVID-19 struck the world, you’re drowning in uncertainties over your career, business, relationship…and most importantly your life. So, how can anxiety be good for marketing when it feels terrible for your customer? It’s this one simple fact… Nobody wants to be mediocre. Imagine you’re your customer… You’d think “yeah, that makes sense…of course I don’t want to be mediocre”. At any stage of your life now, before, and after… Like literally right now as you’re reading this.. You can’t stay still… Because you’re always thinking; “I can do better than this”. “I have more potential…” Then, your body starts feeling a little fizzy… You get anxious because your body is telling you to make a change. This change is necessary… It’s life asking you to evolve. Simply, anxiety is the trigger to wake you up and take action. Now, you have a mission to change your current situation into a better situation. This better situation is to become a “new me” And to become a new me, a lot of time you’ll require a catalyst. Catalyst is the solution in the form of product and service — this is where your business comes in. Briefly, Anxiety triggers you > You have a mission to improve the situation > You use a catalyst as the tool > “New me” unlocked Quick example: You feel weak and grumpy > You want to be fitter by working out > You subscribe for a gym membership > After 3 months you gained muscle, confidence, and energy With this framework, you can clearly craft your marketing message that resonates with your customer. Remember these 4 factors: Trigger, Mission, Catalyst, “New Me” For you as a consumer… You want to continually evolve and improve the quality of your life For you as a business… You want to help people execute their mission and become their new me To connect both the consumer and the business, you would need a damn good marketing that speaks to these 4 tenets. You see, your marketing spend will have low ROI if you only talk about the bells and whistles of your product (catalyst). Speak to your customer’s trigger, mission, and their “new me” — only then your product makes sense. It’s time to skyrocket your sales by using empathy to understand your customer’s motivation and serve them. ——— Ask me how to use the 5 golden questions to uncover your customer’s problem, and the desired outcome they want…and use the information as your sales copy

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